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ColaJazz and the ColaJazz vol.1 CD is the brainchild of jazz trumpeter Mark Rapp.
Mark had a desire to synergize, organize and highlight the wonderfully talented and accomplished jazz artists and educators active in Columbia, SC. Additionally, Mark wanted to give back to the fans, supporters, and venues which give us places to play. With the invaluable help of Paul Bodamer, Jangly Records and an initial round of funding by fans, friends and family, we created a “Columbia All-Stars” recording where each bandleader around Columbia received studio time to record. With additional monies and a phenomenal commitment of time and effort by Paul Bodamer, we recorded 13 groups comprised of 27 different musicians and even recorded an entire CD by our jazz ambassador Skipp Pearson!

ColaJazz Mission

ColaJazz’s goal and mission is to grow, elevate and bolster the jazz community in and around Columbia, SC through recordings, events, education and providing an organized resource for all things jazz. We’re determined to elevate our music scene. Thank you for your support!