Big Band Holidays with the Jazz at lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis

On December 9th, ColaJazz in partnership with the Koger Center for the Arts and the UofSC School of Music was proud to present arguably the world’s greatest big band and its leader, the incomparable Wynton Marsalis. Also joining the band was the phenomenal vocalist Alita Moses.

This was the second performance by Wynton Marsalis in Columbia, SC this year. On May 2nd, the Wynton Marsalis Septet performed the closing night of the 2021 ColaJazz Festival at the Koger Center for the Arts.

The Big Band Holidays concert was an extraordinary evening. The audience enjoyed the up-close-and-personal experience of the Johnson Hall Auditorium located in the Darla Moore School of Business. The band played exceptionally well and swung hard. Soloists stepped up and stepped out! The holiday arrangements crafted by various band members were colorful, complex and fascinating. Everyone in the band possessed a skill and tone on their instruments that only the absolute best can achieve.

Alita Moses sang with great poise employing a subtle soulfulness that grabbed your heart. She was simply delightful and a brilliant addition to the band. The standing ovation at the end was an inspiring seal of approval!

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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Darius Rucker checked out Wynton and the band!

The following morning on December 10th, the JLCO all showed up to Eau Claire High School and presented a modified holiday concert and jazz workshop for approximately 480 students from ten Title-1 schools. While the students clearly were happy to be on a field-trip, by the time the concert ended, you can tell they were moved and experienced something they will not soon forget. The band came in as hot and prepared as the night before and played hard. Wynton’s opening solo let every know they were here to handle their business at the highest level possible. The band followed suit.

Since the very beginnings of ColaJazz, I have had major goals for our city and state when it comes to presenting jazz – offering the best in arts & culture to our communities – all while creating opportunities for our musicians. One of those goals was to bring my mentor Wynton Marsalis and his bands to Columbia, SC. In 2021, this became a reality. Teamwork makes dreams work. ColaJazz, Koger Center for Arts and UofSC School of Music, not only presented the Wynton Marsalis Septet – a rare, rare event – but, we also presented the entire Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra! The logistics and costs were far beyond anything we’ve done in the past, but now that we have, the stars have no limits!”

– Mark Rapp, Executive Director, ColaJazz Foundation

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Mark Rapp, Wynton Marsalis
Claire Rapp, Sidney Mitchell, Nate Terracio, Wynton Marsalis
Victor Goines, Darius Rucker, Nissan Ak, Carlos Henriquez, Kenny Rampton
Mark Rapp, Darius Rucker
Mark Rapp, Kenny Rampton
Wynton Marsalis, Lalo Bellamy (Lexus)
Nate Terracio, Mark Rouse, Mark Rapp, Wynton Marsalis, Lalo Bellamy at Halls Chophouse Columbia


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4 thoughts on “Big Band Holidays with the Jazz at lincoln Center Orchestra featuring Wynton Marsalis”

  1. I know this was one SWINGING JAZZ EVENING and much appreciated by all. You continue to educate and expose students to the JAZZ GENRE and all its components!!!!
    Keeping Jazz Live and alive
    Loretta Holloway South Carolina’s Official First Lady Of Song

  2. So great, Mark. Kudos for all your hard work.
    I could not make the concert at the Koger, but was able to see them in NYC some years ago.
    Thank you for all you do for jazz in this state.
    Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and blessings throughout 2022.

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