Don Russo


Don Russo has been playing for 22 years and providing private instruction for 13 years. Don’s Playing Career: Don began playing in bands in high school and continued through a slew of various rock groups. He tried his hand at Jazz and fronted a local trio called

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Monty Craig


Professor Monty Craig has been teaching jazz guitar, jazz combos, beginning guitar class, and music appreciation for eight years. His specialties include improvisation, music theory, small group performance, beginner guitar, and jazz history. He is one of the founding members of the Clemson Faculty Jazz Combo and

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Zach Bingham


Zach started playing guitar at age six and soon progressed from rock to jazz and fusion. Comfortable in any setting, he studied at the University of North Texas and USC and now enjoys working as a sideman with several groups around Columbia and on the road with

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Jim Mings


Jim can be described as 'being able to turn a melody.' His playing is melodic, sophisticated, direct, and always grounded in his blues roots. He draws upon a vast knowledge of songs from all eras to sing through his instrument. Jim began his career in his hometown

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Amos Hoffman


Amos Hoffman is an Israeli Jazz Guitarist known worldwide as a pioneer in fusing the rhythms and melodic themes of the Middle East with Modern Jazz. Hoffman started playing guitar at the age of 6, and oud a few years later. He studied guitar privately, and later

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Jmichael Peeples


Often times when a new musician comes on the scene, common adjectives like fresh and hot, are thrown about frivolously and usually there is more hype than truth. But that’s definitely not the case when it comes to J’Michael Peeples. The mantra he lives by is “Live

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Ted Brooks


Ted Brooks, the performer, is the son of a NYC show-business veteran father, Orville Brooks (a Tenor with: The Inkspots, The Larks, The Golden Gate Quartet) and his mother, Josephine, a Southern beauty from South Carolina. Ted was relocated as a boy with the family to Mom's

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