Don Russo


Don Russo has been playing for 22 years and providing private instruction for 13 years. Don’s Playing Career: Don began playing in

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Meggan Farish


Meggan Farish is a trained jazz vocalist as well as a PhD student at Duke University. In addition to being the lead

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Kanika Moore


Kanika Moore was born into a musically talented family that not only pursued diverse genres, but also were very proud and confident

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Sara Williams


Sara has been singing since age 5 when her sisters would take her to the local truck stop, put her on the

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Catherine Galan


Cat began playing violin when she was 5 years old through the Suzuki method. At 13 years, she began taking lessons with

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Ted Brooks


Ted Brooks, the performer, is the son of a NYC show-business veteran father, Orville Brooks (a Tenor with: The Inkspots, The Larks,

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Margaret Knight


Margaret Knight is a jazz vocalist/bassist. She performs with classical, blues, R & B, and Jazz ensembles in South Carolina and Louisiana.

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Eboni Ramm


Eboni Ramm fell in love with the Arts at a very young age. Eboni was encouraged throughout her youth to express herself.

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Amanda Mayo


Amanda was born into a military family and lived her entire life moving around all over, seeing many different parts of the

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