Our Jazz Outreach Program brings jazz workshops & performances into schools in need of all levels, juvenile detention centers, children’s hospital, cancer centers, assisted living facilities, homeless shelters and the like reaching children and people of all ages, bringing hope and healing through the music of jazz.

From jazz education where participants learn about improvisation, the role of instruments and jazz history to far deeper implications, we aim to affect real change. Jazz teaches communication, self-discovery, hard-work, finding value in the individual while celebrating and supporting a group, facing adversity with skill and style, adjusting in the moment and being ok with change. Music is uplifting, instills hope, provides positive energy, fuels healing and creates a pathway to an enriched life. From a parent seeing their child light up and finding focus through the music, to a cancer patient forgetting about the pain for moment, to a troubled youth experiencing the possibilities of healthier communication and so much more, our Jazz Outreach makes a difference.


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