How to Learn and Remember Tunes



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How to Learn and Remember Tunes | Sam Edwards
There are so many tunes out there to learn and sometimes it can be overwhelming! But since we are all students of the music and striving to get better at our craft, it’s important to pinpoint where the problem lies. It’s usually not because you have a bad memory, it’s how you learned the tune in the first place. Bassist Sam Edwards will help you overcome the difficulties of remembering tunes.

This course is recommended for All Levels.

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About Sam Edwards

Sam Edwards is a Columbia native. He has studied jazz and classical bass with Craig Butterfield at USC, as well as, in the streets with Amos Hoffman. Sam has performed regularly with local luminaries such as Amos Hoffman, Ross Holmes, Jim Mings, and Dick Goodwin, as well as, nationally acclaimed artists such as Pasquale Grasso, Wycliffe Gordon, and Clifford Barbaro. He is a devout believer in no amplification.