You Go To My Head


The Meggan Farish group produced a soulful version of this great classic song. "You Go to My Head" is a

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"Sharky" as recorded by the Mike Frost Band.

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Mambo Influenciado


Chucho Valdés' "Mambo Influenciado" as interpreted by the great Jim Mings and Bryson Borgstedt. Bryson Borgstedt: flute Jim Mings: guitar

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Lotus Flower


The Tony Lee Group reinvents Radiohead's "Lotus Flower" Tony Lee: drums Kanika Moore: vocals Zach Bingham: guitar André Gonçalves: bass

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Cissy Strut


"Cissy Strut" is a 1969 funk instrumental by The Meters. Released as a single from their eponymous debut album, it

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The Difference


"The Difference" is an original composition by Reggie Sullivan. Reggie Sullivan: bass, vocals Zach Bingham: guitar Geoffrey Lawrence Shackley: drums

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