2023 Midlands Gives

Invest for Impact

When combined with other donations, $10 goes a long way!

Your $10 contribution will: 

  • Inspire others to give.
  • Set a great example.
  • Makes a collective impact.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Midlands will come together to participate in Midlands Gives Day, an 18-hour giving challenge to raise funds for local non-profits.


  1. Copy & Paste text
  2. right-click + save as images…
  3. share your support on your social media channels.

Example 1

I’m supporting the ColaJazz Foundation! They’re disrupting the status quo and creating amazing opportunities for students, musicians and our community with jazz education and performances. Here’s a link so you can donate too: https://www.midlandsgives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation_org&fwID=696

Example 2

Be a change-agent with me and support the ColaJazz Foundation, a proven investor in the enrichment of our communities. Donate now at: https://www.midlandsgives.org/colajazz

Example 3

Jazz education, performances and community-development, the ColaJazz Foundation is crushing it out there! Join me in supporting this wonderful, award-winning nonprofit jazz organization. Donte now at: https://www.midlandsgives.org/colajazz