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Artist Spotlight: Eboni Ramm


Eboni Ramm is one of precious lights in the Columbia jazz community - you just feel good when she is around. She is naturally a supportive person, soulful and insightful. She has the heart of a teacher and a passion for jazz. She does some amazing work

Artist Spotlight: Eboni Ramm2018-08-17T17:04:10+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Abiud Flores


Abiud Flores is a family man, a military man, and an amazing musician who is a true joy to listen to and to make music with. He is kind, humble and lives a life of gratitude. When I first met Abiud, he was a little shy in

Artist Spotlight: Abiud Flores2018-07-07T11:57:44+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Carl Payne


Carl Payne is man of few words. He's direct, humble and kind. He's also a solid trumpeter and has taken on the difficult task of running a Big Band. This is no small endeavor and we in Columbia, SC are lucky to have him around. I had

Artist Spotlight: Carl Payne2018-06-25T09:54:07+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Whitlock


Kyle Whitlock is a very unassuming cat, but he has a rich, colorful history - he's shared the stage with Delbert McClinton and once played piano at a private reception for former President Gerald Ford. He's quiet, he's friendly, he's good people. He plays with a wide

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Whitlock2018-06-11T22:49:52+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Dick Goodwin


Dick Goodwin is legendary in South Carolina and known in many parts of our planet. He's a soulful, sweet improviser on the trumpet, a fantastic pianist, awesome arranger from small groups to big bands, a great leader and a humble, intelligent, thoughtful man. He's soft spoken, but

Artist Spotlight: Dick Goodwin2018-06-05T08:50:06+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Nick Brewer


Nick Brewer. All you have to do is say his name and you have to smile. He is easily one of the most well-known musicians around Columbia, SC and one of the most interesting in character, attitude and artistry. His reputation precedes him in every way you

Artist Spotlight: Nick Brewer2018-05-29T07:49:39+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Jim Mings


Jim Mings is easily one of our greatest treasures. He is a beautiful cat inside and out, an encyclopedia of jazz songs, a brilliant guitarist, and one of the most interesting improvisers you'll experience. Whether he's playing a standard from the American songbook or a country tune,

Artist Spotlight: Jim Mings2018-05-22T09:36:21+00:00

Artist Spotlight: Shannon Pinkney


Shannon "True Blue" or "Deon Blue" Pinkney is a beautiful and fun pianist here in Columbia, SC. He always plays with a smile and exudes joy, calmness, and humility everywhere he goes. Listening to him is a treat as he aims for melodic expression and often interjects

Artist Spotlight: Shannon Pinkney2018-05-15T09:09:21+00:00