Experience Columbia Ambassador

ColaJazz Foundation Executive Director Mark Rapp is named an “Experience Columbia Ambassador” for 2020 along with 3 other incredibly influential movers & shakers all working hard to make Columbia, SC an exciting place to live and work! Named SC Jazz Ambassador by the State Legislature in 2018, Rapp continues to be a champion of jazz in and around our capital city and works tirelessly every day to grow our arts and culture in SC. ⁠

“Columbia SC is a city filled with incredible talent. We have world-class musicians, dancers, painters, poets and visual artists all living and working in our capital city. We have an environment of growth and excitement in every sector. I see Columbia in the position to attract more and more tourism and corporate investments. I see a city filled with communities taking action on our potential to be a formidable capital city. Where the arts thrive, so do its people.” – Mark Rapp⁠

Stay tuned for more updates and features as Mark takes on this role throughout the year and helps to celebrate and bring greater attention to our jazz community and events. ⁠

Along those lines, please submit your events to our jazz calendar at https://colajazz.com! It is a free marketing tool we give to you which brings more eyes to your efforts. #jazzmore