Online Tip Jar

A new virtual tipping website for artists has launched. Since most of us can’t go out to our favorite jazz venue and more and more musicians are turning to streaming their shows, why not continue to support and tip our musicians who are being hit very, very hard.

The ColaJazz Tip Jar ( allows anyone to send virtual tips to local artists via Venmo, and $CashApp. It also brings our artists into one space making it exceptionally easy for family, friends and fans to find their favorite artists.

Here’s how it works: On the main page, you can “Let the Fates Decide” and support an artist that was randomly chosen. Refresh the page and a different artist will be shown. Scroll down a bit further and use the simple searchable dropdown list to find your favorite artist. Don’t see who you’re looking for? Direct them to and ask them to sign up. If you’re an artist visiting the site, click “Artist Sign Up” and join this supportive community revolution!

100% of your donations go to the artists. ColaJazz developed this tool to serve our artists and does not take any fees. The ColaJazz Tip Jar is a perfect companion tool to the dedicated jazz calendar which is also free to use and submit events (live or streamed).

Mark Rapp, developer of the Tip Jar, founder and CEO of ColaJazz says, “When a crisis hits, I go into overdrive trying to find how I can use my skill sets to serve my community and beyond. I reached out to over 40 musicians throughout SC, NC and GA to hear their stories and discover common needs. It’s not a pretty picture out there. Artists are hurting for income. If this Tip Jar service makes it easier for a musician to share their links or makes it easier for one person to make a donation to an artist, it was worth all the time and effort.”

Visit today.