Pilates Bodies by Victoria

This generous $900 sponsorship from Victoria and John Durham is given in honor of Scott Gardner Chappell. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity and humbled. We will honor Gardner’s dedication to education by using this sponsorship to fund a student scholarship and help cover teacher expenses making our camp a phenomenal place of study and inspiration.

ColaJazz is determined to offer lasting opportunities for musicians of all ages, all levels, regardless of socio-economic status, and to develop not only their musicianship, but also their community-mindedness. This camp is your chance to be a part of bringing this vision to fruition and to support our city’s cultural and economic growth.

More about Pilates Bodies by Victoria

The Studio
Our studio is located in the heart of downtown in a unique and historic building. We renovated and customized this space to provide the ultimate pilates experience. Street front parking is available along our block and is free for 2 hours. Additionally, we have 2 parking spaces in the rear and are located directly in front of one of the many municipal garages.

Your Instructor
My name is Victoria Durham but please call me Torri. I believe that a strong core and mindful movement are the keys to a happy and healthy life. I became a pilates student after suffering a back injury that required surgery at the age of 25. The pilates method of exercise aided my recovery and allowed me to regain full range of motion and function. I also credit pilates with letting me once again wear high heels without back pain! After years of practice at home and classes at the excellent Pilates Studio in Columbia, I decided to pursue my passion and began my instructor training. I am fully trained in mat, reformer, stability chair, barrels and cadillac. I continue to deepen my knowledge daily and I have undertaken specialized training in both pre & post-natal pilates, pilates for rehabilitating the breast cancer survivor and training in the Scolio-Pilates technique of Karena Thek. I am also a humble student of the incredible Gyrotonics instructor, Rosemary Carnes.