Professional Printers, Inc. is serving our ColaJazz community! We are extremely pleased and excited to partner with a high-quality company that runs its business with integrity and passion. Jimmy Kohn, Tom Conley and Jess MacCallum purchased Professional Printers in 1993, dreaming of an exciting future. They got it. From a combination of boundless optimism, long days and sleepless nights, Professional Printers, Inc. has emerged to become one of the largest commercial printers in the Carolinas.

From Jess MacCallum, president of Professional Printers, Inc… “As we head toward the 25-year mark as an organization, we are more enthusiastic than ever about our industry and our future. We love what we do and plan to do a lot more of it. Our people make it awesome to come to work every day. But above all, our clients make it possible. We never, ever forget that.”

Professional Printers, Inc. is a proud sponsor of ColaJazz!

Professional Printers, Inc.