Abiud Flores

Abiud Flores was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a family of musicians. العاب ربح نقود حقيقية He grew up playing Bass and percussion regularly for his church home and at the age of twelve began studying music in Escuela Libre de Música of San Juan. In 2010, Abiud graduated from the Conservatory of Music from Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Afro Caribbean music. betfinal Some of his instructors include Eddie Gomez, Gabriel Rodriguez and Pedro Pérez.

Mr. Flores has been playing with highly established artists like Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Jonathan Suazo, Paoli Mejías, Humberto Ramírez, Gabriel Vicens, Yturvidez Vilchez, and many more. لعبة روليت مباشر He currently serves as a bass player in the Army Band field and is an active musician in the Columbia Jazz scene, playing with musicians like Tony Lee, Mark Rapp, Mitch Butler, Jay Ware and others. Abiud can be contacted through his group Facebook page www.facebook.com/udiworld.