Danny Boozer


Daniel (Danny) Boozer was born in Newberry, South Carolina on February 29, 1952. When he was two years old he moved to

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Kyle Whitlock


Kyle Whitlock is from Lancaster, South Carolina and his main passion is musical performance and composition. He is a multi-genre studio composer

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Don Russo


Don Russo has been playing for 22 years and providing private instruction for 13 years. Don’s Playing Career: Don began playing in

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Doug Graham


Doug hails from West Point, Mississippi, received two music degrees from The University of Texas, and taught in Texas and Louisiana before

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Meggan Farish


Meggan Farish is a trained jazz vocalist as well as a PhD student at Duke University. In addition to being the lead

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Bert Ligon


Bert Ligon is director of jazz studies at the University of South Carolina. He earned his Bachelor of Music and his Master

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Monty Craig


Professor Monty Craig has been teaching jazz guitar, jazz combos, beginning guitar class, and music appreciation for eight years. His specialties include

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Chris Church


From fashioning his first set of ride cymbals from upside down orange cones in the snow-covered suburbs of Buffalo, NY, Columbia-based drummer

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