ColaJazz Outreach Answers Call

Hundreds of residents were ordered out of a public housing complex Jan. 18 after authorities found two men dead in separate apartments and “multiple” gas leaks throughout Allen Benedict Court. Now the displaced residents are spread out in hotels, motels and other housing arrangements that they paid for or the CHA is paying for while it investigates the leaks. Some residents had to leave Allen Benedict Court without even basic necessities.

Several amazing #gladiatorsforgood got together today (Sunday, February 3rd) to make sure these families could have a safe place to play and relax. The SC State Museum and EdVenture opened their doors. Dozens of community leaders donated their time to chaperone the kids and spend time with the families and ColaJazz Outreach was called upon to bring the sounds of jazz. اربح مال مجانا

ColaJazz Founder and CEO Mark Rapp said, “I received a text message this morning with a last minute request to serve the community and so I went to work because I know the healing power of Jazz! Our COO, Chris Church, answered my call and we kicked it off before I had to dash off to teach private lessons. Thankfully, because of our initial generous donations in support of our ColaJazz Outreach efforts, I was also able to hire a couple local musicians to play for an hour or so as well. It’s an awesome thing to be able to help families and give musicians work. The video and pictures say it all! Words cannot describe the joy it is to give a child a time of fun, joy and a big ‘ol smile. تعليم البوكر للمبتدئين Music heals. Its amazing!”



Guitarist Greg Patterson has a young singer joining in!

Guitarist Greg Patterson and bassist Sam Edwards perform for the families.

Mark Rapp offers up his horn and Chris Church drums away!

Mark Rapp plays the didgeridoo.


Mark Rapp, ColaJazz Outreach
This young man might be the next great trumpeter!