Jangly Records

Jangly Records is a recording studio owned by Paul Bodamer and a record label which is an artist’s collective operated by the artists whose work is released with the “Jangly Records” imprint.

Jangly Records Studio is in Columbia, SC. The studio is designed to be the best of the analog and digital world. It’s collection of classic hardware preamps, equalizers, compressors, effects and microphones rival any studio. It’s collection of top line drums, cymbals, guitars, amps, stomp boxes and keyboards give musicians access to great sound with which to make their records. The analog summing, state of the art digital plug-ins, classic hardware and a transparent monitoring system allow the final product to be on par with the best commercial releases of yesterday and today.

The record label is managed by Todd Mathis and owned by the artists themselves. Our artists include: American Gun, Faster Stereo, The Sunroom, Donald Merckle, Todd Mathis, Mark Gallegos, Paul Bodamer, Mark Rapp, Derek Lee Bronston, Amos Hoffman, Jonathan Lovett and more… The label only releases titles recorded at Jangly, so the sound of the records becomes directly associated with our artists and the place in which they incubate their ideas.

Jangly Records typically approaches the artists with whom it chooses to work, but if you feel your music could benefit from our approach and you could help our other artists reach a wider audience, we would love to hear from you – janglyrecords@mac.com

Paul Bodamer