Abiud Flores

Artist Spotlight: Abiud Flores

Abiud Flores is a family man, a military man, and an amazing musician who is a true joy to listen to and to make music with. He is kind, humble and lives a life of gratitude. When I first met Abiud, he was a little shy in person, but bold and brilliant on the bass. … Read more

Artist Spotlight: Carl Payne

Carl Payne is man of few words. He’s direct, humble and kind. He’s also a solid trumpeter and has taken on the difficult task of running a Big Band. This is no small endeavor and we in Columbia, SC are lucky to have him around. I had the pleasure of booking his band at the … Read more

Kyle Whitlock

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Whitlock

Kyle Whitlock is a very unassuming cat, but he has a rich, colorful history – he’s shared the stage with Delbert McClinton and once played piano at a private reception for former President Gerald Ford. He’s quiet, he’s friendly, he’s good people. He plays with a wide variety of artists around town and has a … Read more

Dick Goodwin

Artist Spotlight: Dick Goodwin

Dick Goodwin is legendary in South Carolina and known in many parts of our planet. He’s a soulful, sweet improviser on the trumpet, a fantastic pianist, awesome arranger from small groups to big bands, a great leader and a humble, intelligent, thoughtful man. He’s soft spoken, but speaks volumes. He doesn’t carry himself as a … Read more

Nick Brewer

Artist Spotlight: Nick Brewer

Nick Brewer. All you have to do is say his name and you have to smile. He is easily one of the most well-known musicians around Columbia, SC and one of the most interesting in character, attitude and artistry. His reputation precedes him in every way you can imagine. It would not be a stretch … Read more

Jim Mings

Artist Spotlight: Jim Mings

Jim Mings is easily one of our greatest treasures. He is a beautiful cat inside and out, an encyclopedia of jazz songs, a brilliant guitarist, and one of the most interesting improvisers you’ll experience. Whether he’s playing a standard from the American songbook or a country tune, without fail, it is deep in the pocket … Read more

Shannon Pinkney

Artist Spotlight: Shannon Pinkney

Shannon “True Blue” or “Deon Blue” Pinkney is a beautiful and fun pianist here in Columbia, SC. He always plays with a smile and exudes joy, calmness, and humility everywhere he goes. Listening to him is a treat as he aims for melodic expression and often interjects quirky musical quotes from a variety of other … Read more

Zach Bingham

Artist Spotlight: Zach Bingham

Zach Bingham is one of the most well-rounded musicians we have in the Columbia Jazz scene. He is a style wizard. He’s also one of the most humble and nicest guys you’ll meet. Zach started playing guitar at age six and soon progressed from rock to jazz and fusion. Comfortable in any setting, he studied … Read more