Don Russo


Don Russo has been playing for 22 years and providing private instruction for 13 years. Don’s Playing Career: Don began playing in

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Andre Goncalves


I was born in Bauru in the state of São Paulo Brazil. I grew up in a non- musical family but with

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Mike Frost


A former student of jazz legends Pat Martino and Jaco Pastorius, Mike Frost is a composer, studio musician, educator, recording engineer, and

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Glynis Martin


R&B/contemporary jazz vocalist G John Martin, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is an artist who personifies art with unified melodies manifested with

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Dustin Retzlaff


Dustin Retzlaff is a performing musician, piano technician, and small business entrepreneur in Columbia, South Carolina. Originally from Minnesota, he attended the

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Reggie Sullivan


Since forming in early 2012, The Reggie Sullivan Band has become one of the hottest bands in South Carolina. Their reputation as

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Travis Shaw


Travis Shaw is one of the most trusted musicians and bassists in Augusta, Georgia. He is active in many styles of music,

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Woody Lingle


Woody has always been an eclectic musician, but his true passion is for Jazz. He played with the One O'clock Lab Band

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David Levray


David Levray - bassist, instructor, clinician, arranger, composer - studied at the Berklee affiliated American School of Modern Music with Steven Carbonara

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