Don Russo


Don Russo has been playing for 22 years and providing private instruction for 13 years. Don’s Playing Career: Don began playing in bands in high school and continued through a slew of various rock groups. He tried his hand at Jazz and fronted a local trio called

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Andre Goncalves


I was born in Bauru in the state of São Paulo Brazil. I grew up in a non- musical family but with musicality in the air. No one in my family played any musical instruments but it was different with me. I started developing the taste for

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Mike Frost


A former student of jazz legends Pat Martino and Jaco Pastorius, Mike Frost is a composer, studio musician, educator, recording engineer, and designer of Brickhouse speaker enclosures. He leads his own Mike Frost Band and has toured with Jesse Colin Young and with guitarist Esteban. Mike Frost

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Glynis Martin


R&B/contemporary jazz vocalist G John Martin, born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is an artist who personifies art with unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Martin's musical journey began with the discovery of the bass guitar at the age of seven. By age twelve, he was

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Dustin Retzlaff


Dustin Retzlaff is a performing musician, piano technician, and small business entrepreneur in Columbia, South Carolina. Originally from Minnesota, he attended the University of Minnesota, Morris and in 2005, relocated to Columbia, SC to teach and perform music. He graduated with a Master of Music degree from

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Reggie Sullivan


Since forming in early 2012, The Reggie Sullivan Band has become one of the hottest bands in South Carolina. Their reputation as a wildly entertaining live act grew after the release of their CD Together in June of 2012. They work hard on building their fan base

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Travis Shaw


Travis Shaw is one of the most trusted musicians and bassists in Augusta, Georgia. He is active in many styles of music, including jazz, rock, and classical. Travis leads his own trio that features the masterful musicians Amos Hoffman (guitar) and Edwin Hamilton (drums). He is actively

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Woody Lingle


Woody has always been an eclectic musician, but his true passion is for Jazz. He played with the One O'clock Lab Band under Leon Breeden at NTSU(University of North Texas), put together a trio for Richie Cole and Bruce Forman, and has continued to play and write

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David Levray


David Levray - bassist, instructor, clinician, arranger, composer - studied at the Berklee affiliated American School of Modern Music with Steven Carbonara and Eddy Goldstein, and by the age of 18 was a session musician at Piccolo Studio in Paris, France, playing on a plethora of sessions,

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